Mike LiPetri is a next generation leader dedicated to defending freedom and hard-working Americans.  A fearless independent voice for the residents of the South Shore of Long Island, Mike is committed to restoring common-sense and prioritizing people not politics.  


Prior to holding elected office, Mike served as an attorney where he defended police, firefighters, and correctional officers having recognized the role they play in ensuring that America remains a country that was built on and respects the fundamental principles of right versus wrong.  


As a member of the New York State Assembly, Mike continued his support of our law enforcement community where he has been an outspoken opponent to the anti-police rhetoric and pro-crime policies that are sweeping across the nation.  


When our Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers came under attack and there were calls to abolish ICE, Mike decided to find out for himself what kind of operations these brave men and women actually conduct on a daily basis and joined ICE Agents on a series of raids across Long Island which resulted in the removal of violent gang members, drug dealers, and sex offenders from our communities.


When our police officers were physically assaulted in a number of water dousing attacks in New York City, Mike authored legislation making such despicable acts a felony crime.  


Recognizing that we face serious threats to our public water supply systems, Mike spearheaded a state-wide Water Quality Task Force aimed at working with stakeholders to find sustainable solutions that will keep our families and environment safe.    


When critical funding was cut for mental health programs and services for our veterans, Mike stood proudly in calling out this injustice and fought to have the funding fully restored.  Additionally, after a state program to provide Gold Star families a scholarship to attend public universities was blocked, Mike joined veterans’ organizations from across the country in standing up to ensure that the spouses and children of fallen service members receive the benefits they deserve.  


When it comes to serving as a voice of the people there is no battle too small, and as your next Congressman, Mike is committed to defending the hard-working families who are the backbone of our communities so that future generations can proudly call Long Island home!

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