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Mike LiPetri is running for the New York State Assembly to reform the high-tax, reckless spending, and corruption-plagued climate of our State government.  


Mike LiPetri will fight to:


• Cut spending, reduce entitlements and decrease New York’s property taxes.


• Advocate for the additional resources needed to eradicate MS-13 from our neighborhoods.


• Combat the heroin epidemic plaguing our communities by treating those suffering from addiction and increasing jail time for those who sell this deadly drug to our residents.  



As an attorney, Mike LiPetri defended police officers, firefighters, and correctional officers from frivolous claims.  He gained valuable experience combatting crime while working in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, New York State Attorney General’s Office, and the District Attorney’s Office. 


A staunch advocate for community engagement, Mike LiPetri is a member of, or partnered with: 


• The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

• Chamber of Commerce

• Knights of Columbus

• Sons of AMVETS

• Lions Club

• Sons of Italy

Economy, Taxes, and Unfunded Mandates


New York has consistently been ranked one of the highest taxed states in the nation.  As your next Assemblyman, Mike LiPetri will fight to reform the high-tax and reckless spending climate of our State government.  New York continues to force Long Island residents and small businesses to foot the bill for expensive government programs by paying higher taxes and doing little to reform why these costly programs continue to grow exponentially.  Mike LiPetri will advocate on behalf of Long Island residents for mandate relief to reduce property taxes and ensure parity for State funding. 


Suburban Quality of Life


Mike LiPetri will fight to preserve the suburban quality of life that is so precious on Long Island.  He will champion efforts to keep sex offenders away from our children and families and partner with local, state, and federal law enforcement to eradicate MS-13 from our communities.  Heroin and opioid abuse is an epidemic on Long Island.  600 people died from overdoses just last year alone.  New York needs to treat those suffering from addiction and increase jail time for those who sell these deadly drugs on Long Island.  




Albany has far too long controlled how Long Island schools should teach its children while failing to provide adequate State funding.  Mike LiPetri will advocate for increased funding for our schools and to allow our teachers to use the curriculum in the best way suited for their students.  We must end Common Core and reform the education system by offering skills and business development courses as a part of the curriculum. Doing so will allow students to pursue alternative pathways for success after high school.  




As someone who has campaigned for environmental issues, Mike LiPetri is a staunch supporter of our environment.  Mike LiPetri will continue to fight for the complete remediation of the Grumman-Navy Plume and Dzus manufacturing building.  He will work with residents, local water districts, and community groups to stop the continued migration of the plume and remove all harmful contaminants from it.  Mike will also demand that Grumman and the Navy test for additional radiological contaminants to ensure our water quality remains safe to drink.  

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