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We Must Stop The Antisemitic Movement Dead In Its Tracks

Trouble is brewing in America right now. In our town squares, in the Halls of Congress, on college campuses, and throughout social media, the antisemitic movement is gaining dangerous traction and it must be stopped dead in its tracks.

Last month, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) took to the streets of midtown Manhattan to proclaim their support for the heinous Iranian-backed-Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel. Since then, these “activists” have stayed busy whether it be tearing down posters of the missing hostages or ripping down American flags on Lexington Avenue.

In Congress, members of “The Squad” are actively promoting the “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free” chant that essentially calls for the permanent eradication of Jews from the Israeli territory and the Middle East as a whole.

On college campuses, from Harvard and MIT to Columbia and more, anti-Israel rallies and protests have often turned threatening and violent leaving innocent Jewish students fearing for their safety and questioning if their administrations have their back. At Cooper Union on October 26th, Jewish students had to lock themselves inside a library as pro-Palestinian protestors banged on the doors and windows shouting antisemitic rhetoric.

In Los Angeles on November 5th, a 69-year-old Jewish man died after suffering a head injury sustained from a pro-Palestine protestor.

On November 15th, over 150 pro-Palestinian demonstrators turned violent and clashed with law enforcement during an illegal rally outside of the Democratic National Committee HQ in Washington, D.C. During this attack, six Officers were injured.

So on and so on.

These “protests” are becoming more and more violent. The rhetoric is escalating. The tension is at a boiling point. These people are emboldened because, in some cases, they know they are protected from accountability in many American big cities. When there are no consequences, criminals and those looking to spew hate only act worse.

Let’s call it like it is though. They would run and hide with their tail between their legs if asked to fight on the front lines. If they truly believed what they say, they would be on the next flight to Gaza. Instead, they are safely tucked in their beds at night excited for tomorrow morning’s Starbucks run.

It’s pathetic.

To their credit, many universities have taken appropriate steps to address these protests and protect vulnerable students. Bad actors have been suspended, groups have been shut down, and major companies have made it known they will not be hiring these students postgraduation. Even more, historical legacy donors have decided to pull their financial support from these schools if the antisemitic efforts are not promptly addressed.

While we appreciate these efforts, its only just a start.

Israel is a beacon of freedom, democracy, and hope in a region often defined by hate, tyranny, and violence. The American Israeli bond goes beyond strategic military and diplomatic relations. It is grounded in our shared values, culture, and vision for the future of our people.

We must stop the antisemitic movement in America dead in its tracks.

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